Alia Al-Senussi, patron of the arts, traveller, and friend is a woman without boarders or barriers. Raised in the UK, educated at Brown and living in London where she is a founding member of the Tate Young Patrons and most recently announced as the VIP Representative United Kingdom for Art Basel as well as Middle East and North Africa. She brings a riggour and energy to her work unlike any other and a force to be admired.  Always smiling, always stylish and always on the move. I have received other postcards from Alia that I have yet to post, but this one, direct from Washinton DC on the day of the Women’s march on Washington couldn’t wait. What an incredible image and postcard to receive. As Alia quite rightly says, this is a call to action and not a protest. We are all being called to action, around the world, for many and varied reasons. The thing that unites us all is the quickly changing landscape of the freedoms we have lived with for too short a time and that we risk losing on a daily basis becuase of inaction and a sedantry way of life we have grown accustomed to. Never forget – WE CAN DO IT!

“The Women’s March on Washington has been a profound experience.  A call to action rather than a protest and acceptance. Dinner at Joes Stone Crab to rest our marched-out feet ( yummy key lime pie) + nerd out at the Air + Spcae Museum! Love, Alia Al-Senussi”

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Go to the National Gallery of Art to view the collection of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel which they donated in its entirely to the Gallery in 1992. The collection holds works from minimal to conceptual and mostly New York based artists working in the 20th centry. The couple were voracious collectors eschewing many of the classic collector hallmarks in favour of collecting to suit their meagre lifestyle.


Definitely wear something hardcore and ready for a battering! Hopefully not of the physical kind, but definitley a hard shell to repel all the unwanted slurs and hatred you might receive when engaging your activism from within! Black leather never said it better and a biker jacket is just the item to keep you safe and warm while you speak out against tyranny!


The best place to re-fuel and rest those weary marching feet is at Joe’s Stone Crab. Just a stones throw from the White House.  What are you going to order? Stone Crab of course! Gert ready to crack some knuckles!


Visit the National Air and Space Museum part of the Smithsonian Institue. An incredible educational institution that can be enjoyed by children and adult alike. I first visited when I was about 12 and the visit has stayed in my mind ever since.