Phillida, of Waikiki postcard fame, was down in Hobart recently in between stops in Sydney and New Zealand. Once a gallerist always a gallerist, always looking! So needless to say the graphic and great postcard we received from Phillida was from the Museum Of Old and New Art lovingly called Mona, which must be said with an Aussie accent no less. Having only been down under once, and only to Sydney I know there is so much more to explore and see. A trip back, sooner rather than later, is a must! It’s just such a schlep, so plan for 2 to 3 weeks if you can! Oh, and definitely go from Oz, to NZ via Hobart! You can even stop by Templo the restaurant of Phillida’s suggestion. It looks amazing!

“Pretty Great! ( In reference to Museum of Old and New Art) Also Templo restaurant – amazing. *HOBART* Tasmania Love Philly”

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If you are an ternational traveller and found yourself in Hobart, the Islington Hotel is a great option. It’s the most awarded boutique hotel in Tasmania no less, and has a wonderful bridge of countryhouse and modern city hotel. The friendly staff and personal interiors will make you feel at home straight away.


I don’t know why, but I think the multi striped Suncrest Dress will go down a treat down under and in Hobart for a day at the museum and lunching at Templo it will be a perfect moment in cripy shirting.


Phillida also recommends TEMPLO a restaurant in Hobart which looks healthy, yummy and like I wish there was somethingn like that in London! The Gnocco Fritto sounds stellar!


When in Hobart, as Phillia suggests, you should visit the Museum of Old and New Art, MONA. Considered to have a great collection as well as wonderful program of exhibitions both homegrown and travelling, it’s a stop that should be on your cultural list of things to do when in Tasmania.