A morning with Florence Kennedy– Petalon Flowers – Clapton, London

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Started by Florence Kennedy in 2013, Petalon is the marriage, literally, of bicycles and flowers. Florence supplies the flowers and James, who owns a bicycle manufacturing company called Kennedy City Bicycles, provides the wheels. Together they delivery beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets around the city in an efficient and eco-friendly way with their gorgeous Great Dane, Huxley, in tow.

We paid a visit to the workshop at The Old Tram Depot in Clapton as Florence and her team were preparing for the upcoming Wedding season bonanza. Hazel Gaskin captures on film a morning with Florence.

Florence wears the Sofia back to front shirtdress throughout. Florence favourite flower is Scabious. 

3 quick questions with Florence

1. You suddenly decide at Friday lunch time to go away for the weekend, where do you go?

We pack up the van, take the dog and head to the coast. My husband loves to surf and the rugged coastline of Cornwall, Devon or Wales has my heart. We will usually camp out somewhere beautiful and cook outside. 

2.  If you could eat only one type of international food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Probably Papaya Salad. So boring to choose salad, but it’s next level. 

3.  You occasionally like to go to… the countryside. Get immersed in beauty and nature. 

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A view of one of the deliveries on its way from Clapton to the happy recipient of these gorgeous blooms.

As Florence contemplates her next arrangement she is moving freely when wearing the Sofia with the buttons down the back open far up her spine. Cheeky and elegant.

Just a reminder in case anyone should forget who really is in charge in the Flower shop.

A sweet and yet graphic rendering of a flower features on Florence’s inner arm.

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