A Trip to the Semaine HQ in Silicon Roudabout, London


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With a tag line like Forget the look. Shop the life. You immediately feel like there is something really special happening with the girls from Semaine. Started as a new e-commerce concept store like a highly curated magazine but with moving image, sound and real life people, the weekly videos showing the greater public a slice of life of one or two super interesting people has evolved into much more than shoppable videos.  If you have a thing for vlogs and youtubers’ intimate behind the scenes snapshots of their lives, try Semaine on for size. Never has product seemed so attainable and yet so extraordinary. Why? Because everything you see is something that the protagonist of the week actually lives with on a daily basis. Its not an advertisement for a product you will never find, you can shop straight from the website and weekly newsletter. Michelle and Georgina have their fingers on the pulse and have definitely strung a winning chord. We paid a visit to their Silicon Roundabout HQ in London to have a poke around their offices, see what we could learn about life as a digital entrepreneur and have Hazel snap some shots of the ladies in Alexander Lewis. Michelle wears the  white Poplin Sofia back to front shirt dress £265, throughout with some great flared jeans. Georgina wears the burgundy pin striped poplin Suncrest shirt dress £295, with some perfect addidas trainers.

3 Quick questions with Georgina

1. Where is your favourite place to pass time?

I tend to walk everywhere, especially at the minute. I listen to podcasts, playlists, and generally just like to have a bit of brain space and take the world in. So I would say my favourite place right now is in transit. Possibly somewhere between my house and the office!

2.What is your favourite word and why?

I remember hearing the word parallelogram in maths when I was young and always loved the way it sounded! I think my favourite words are currently any word longer than 3 letters, because sadly right now my most overused word is LOL…I am the sort of person that abbreviates everything…So if a word has more than 3 letters I see it’s generally winning.

3.Finish the sentence: After the clock strikes midnight, generally Iam usually thinking “Why am I not in bed”.

3 Quick questions with Michelle

1. What do you collect?

Matches. I travel constantly and am so bad at remembering to take pictures that for me they’re always nice little reminders of a place you’ve been, a particular night, a moment in time. I literally have boxes of them. Thers’s an instagram called @matchbookdiaries which I love as I’ve always been obsessed with branding.

2.What do you always have in your carry-on bag?

I’m a seriously minimalist packer after having traveled for so many years so no special face masks or beauty product or anything like that, but I do always have a book and tend to buy every magazine I can get my hands on before boarding a long flight. It’s a true luxury to have that clear head space to read and think.

3.Finish the sentence: It has been 1 month since the last time IFinished watching a film without falling asleep!

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Spotted on a pile of magazines, chicly positioned, the Fashion Futures Awards 2016 – New E-Store on the Block – WINNER

Pressed Florals from friends of Semaine – Floom

Who doesnt love a ginormous helping of Babys Breath at their desk side?

A copy of office favourite magazine Apartamento next to a beyond elegant Mark Cross boxed leather bag.

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