There is a super cool Gallery in Soho, London just off Dean street which is half owned by Phillida Reid and it’s called Southard Reid. Working with artists such as Celia Hempton, Edward Thomasson, Prem Sahib and Lea Cetera, the gallery is at the cutting edge of the young contemporary art scene in London. Having a discussion with Pillida about a recently opened gallery show, or about a new street style trend is equally invigorating and inciteful. Hailing originally from New Zealand, Phillida is used to the long haul travel required to go back home. She breaks the trip up with stays along the way in places such as Los Angeles, Sydney, New York or Hawaii! We received this card from her recentaly and are dying to hop a flight to Waikiki!

“Love from O’aku. Great to look at as a place – bloth the timeless retro of Waikiki and far flury exploring. Walking trails above Zanakai beach. Top tip! Ps. Anything froom Bogart café. Px”

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Have a swi at the paradisiacal Lanikai beach.


If ever there was a place to wear the classic Givanna dress it was in Hawaii! So easy and perfect for beach to shopping.


Everything is delicious and fresh food at Bogart’s Café. Find it at 3045 Monsarrat Ave. Honolulu, HI 96815.


Enjoy breathtaking views from the Lainikai Pillbox Hike.