Laura Minquini is branding and creative consultant behind boutique Monaco company MINQUINI. She is Branding the Future, one project at a time.  Laura is also a whirlwind of Mexican energy, friend to many and connector of people extraordinaire. She has worked across many creative fields and is a familiar fixture during Paris Fashion Week. Often travelling for work to Asia she also holidays closer to home. This past summer she Laura sent us this great postcard – is she says Maoma Beach is the place to be, you heard it loud and clear!     

“Ciao Alex! Maoma Beach is where it is at! Most beautiful blue sea xxx <3 Laura”

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Head to Maoma beach for an incredible blue sea!


Wear this jewel toned silk Plimpton blouse – open all the way down the back for flowy and flirty fun.


Eat at La Gritta Bordigota at Piazza del Popolo 24, 18012 Bordighera, Italy.


Follow the trail of Monet.