Elita, or Elita Sr. as we call her sometimes is mother to Ileana and Grandmother to Elita little! An elegant and refined woman, when it comes to the style game, Elita knows what’s up! Of course she wears Alexander Lewis, but she also knocks the wolford tights off all the other ladies at the Hotel Spendido where she stayed in the summer. If you haven’t been to Portofino, it is a must. A must for the approach by boat, and the gorgeous colours at sunset. The town is the size of your back pocket but packed with joyful little details to discover!

“Hi Alex, Thinking of you from this beautiful place, with the most marvellous light and colour. You must come to get inspired on colours! With love, Elita”

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Like a fruit salad of colours popping on all sides the small port is a buzz with candy for the eye! It’s like the perfect Gelateria gone architectural. You will drink it up and feel inspired!


Lunch at the Hotel Splendido, or just walking around the little port calls for the height of summertime chic in a shirtdress. The stripes of this version of the Suncrest and playful and nautical but fresh in burgundy and white!


Eat at Ristorante Da Puny, at Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta 5, Portofino.


Stay at the Belmond Hotel Spendido.