Lilly is my sister. Last summer we went to our cousin Zoe’s wedding to Ben, her husband. The wedding was at the famiy vineyard in Pinhão in the Douro Valley, northern Portugal. It is one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places in Europe. When the light and weather are right it’s a reall incredible place to visit. Lilly has been an intern in the studio several times, and she is always a great companion on trips and family affairs. She has a penchant for collectiong magnets, but missed her chance for one in the Douro becuase we only had time to walk around on the Sunday! Stay at the Vintage House Hotel – it’s a really special location and amazing treasure to have found! Thanks Lilly! Good luck with your mid-terms coming up!

“Hi Alex, Portugal is amazing. I took the train to Pinhao to visit the Churchill Graham vineyards. The views are incredible and the wines were delicious 🙂 Our stay at the Vintage house hotel was perfect – riversize luxury and good service. Shops were closed as it was Sunday afternoon so please pick me up a fridge magnet when you go! Love, Lilly x”

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Do some wine tasting at Churchill’s Graham visitor centre


While it can be gorgeous in the day, the temperatures can drop at night so a lightweight and short sleeved knit like the Ruby Is a great option for the Valley weather.


For dinner with a nice atmosphere, pop in Bar Veladouro and try the fish!


For an amazing stay, book at the Vintage House Hotel