Sandra, never one to stay in one place for too long send this amazing postcard from Mongolia! My TOP – I’ve never been but I am going to go desitnation for 2017, as a knitwear brand I need to go to the source and see where the cashmere we use to knit our sweaters originates. Cashmere from Mongolia is renowned as the best, and we get our supplies, via Todd and Duncan through many smaller herders across the country. Mongolia on my mind! Thanks Sandra! XO PS. Would you look at that MAJOR stamp? If I wasn’t already a collector of too many other things I would have to start a stamp collection!

“Alex!! Just got back from an incredible Mongolia adventure – you would love the traditional outfit, beautiful! And insane cashmere outlet – Gobi outlet is a must ☺ Miss you, Sandra xx”

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There is only one thing this trip calls for and that is CASHMERE! Try the Classic Akira made from Mongolian Cashmere. There is nothing like taking the product back to the source!