Christen and I met a few years ago when our dear mutual friend Deena brought Christen to a dinner I was hosting in Paris during Fashion Week. Immediately magnetic in the room, Christen revealed herself as a fashion and art loving mother of two young boys and a daughter, from Dallas. Well, Westlake Village, in suburban LA, originally. We have since had a great friendship as we intersect with eachother in both the fashion and art arena at fashion weeks or Art Fairs. Christen is a fundraiser, a patron, a collector and lover of life. She sits on the boards of the Whitney in New York and the Tate in London. Christen visits Hydra in Greece every summer where you can find Sadie Coles’Hydra Workshop

“Alex ☺ Come to Hydra. Nicole Eisenman has a show up at The Hydra Workshops. Full moon and mighnight swims. Christen ”

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Check Nicole Eisenman exhibition at the Hydra Workshops before the 29th of September 2016


Greece is hot in August and still hot in September so go for a cool shift in white linen.


Head to the local restaurant Techne for a dinner with fantastic sunset views


Enjoy a midnight swims under the stars. On a clear night you might even spot the Milky way!