Studio Visit with Caroline Popham – Artist Designer – Chelsea, London


Meet Caroline Popham Artist Designer, mother of two, who lives and works in London. Caroline began her career as a graphic designer and has a roster of clients from the fashion, cosmetics and jewellery industries across Europe. Caroline has just completed the new Graduate Diploma in Fine Art course at Chelsea College of Arts. She has a particular love for colour gradients, form, and repetition.

Hazel Gaskin paid a visit to her at the studio to capture on film, Caroline working with some porcelain sculptures made of the finest paper-thin discs of delectable colours. We love anything made by hand and particularly of the porcelain, pottery and glaze family.

Caroline wears the Suncrest shirtdress made from a blue, and pink finely striped white cotton throughout.

3 quick questions with Caroline

  1. What do you like to collect?  I love to collect Frilly white blouses!
  1. My Favourite type of Lettuce is… Definitely Little Gem
  1. I occasionally like to go to … The Cinema on my own.

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Caroline arranges paper-thin discs of dough like porcelain in ring shaped sculptures

Gradients of terracotta colour on wafers of paper strung together on thick copper wire make a nice textural contrast to the striped cotton of Caroline’s Suncrest Shirtdress

A view of disappearing collar framing the nape of Caroline’s neck while she keeps tidy in her forensic suit. Caroline loves her forensic suit and so do we!

The view inside the Foundry studio at Chelsea College of Art

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