What better way to connect, cacti, roadtripping, gems, and two close friends – each with their own fine jewellery line, than a trip to the Tucson Gem Show! Eugenie of the ethereal brand VENYX ( https://venyxworld.com) and Noor of the celestial brand NOOR FARES ( http://noorfares.com/#image-1) make this trip, among many trips the best-friends go on, every year on the hunt for unique and rare gemstones to turn into indulgent pieces of custom jewellery.  Both girls posses a style of their own, and yet at times they compliment eachother so precisely you wold think they were related. Related in the stars for sure, the two share a love of the celestial, the unusual and the beautiful.  We loved getting their postcard through the flap of the letter box from their recent trip to Tucson! 

“Dearest Alex, Here’s a little piece of our magical trip to Tucson. The land of gem, cacti, and funny people. Sending you love and laughter, Eugenie <3 and Noor”

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Find your connection to the land and spirits of the ancient tribes of the Southwest and maybe even your ancestors. Meet with a Shaman to explore mystical healing arts.


Take a page out of the style guide co-written by Eugenie and Noor and wear a cropped top with some 90s denim and awesome trainers. The Loni gold, because it’s America, crop top in stetch lame is the perfect ab-bearing top for attending the Gem and Mineral Show.


If you want to taste the desert, you should make your way to the Tohono Chul Park Bistro where you can eat amidst the desert’s flora and fauna and more important taste prickly pear cactus. Just like in The Jungle Book, only not an animation. For real! The PB&J pancakes for Sunday Brunch with Cactus preserve sound amazing!


You should 100% plan your visit to Tucson around The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! If it works for Eugenie and Noor, it will definitely work for you. TGMS ( tgms-show.jpg) has been the premier event on the gem and mineral trade calendar since the 1970s and is both a right of passage and a route of pilgrimage for all those both collecting or working with stones and minerals.